I first discovered Reflexology during my own struggle to have a baby. When I got married in 2002 I never considered that I wouldn’t fall pregnant as soon as we started to try.
Leanne - Yorkshire Holistic Therapy

After a year of trying I decided to consult my doctor and she conducted some blood tests initially. These showed that I was Hypothyroid and I was given Thyroxine. I really thought that was the answer and that I would fall pregnant pretty quickly.

Another two years passed and by this point I was only having a period every 6 months but it would last about 5 weeks and be so heavy that I was hospitalised on more than one occasion. My doctor decided to do further blood tests and sent me for a ultrasound scan that revealed I had quite severe Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome.

I was absolutely devastated and was pretty sure that my journey had ended. At the time it felt like everyone I knew was getting pregnant and the stress was really taking it’s toll. I was reassured by my doctor that it didn’t mean I would never conceive but it might take a bit longer and I would need to take a drug called Clomid. Unfortunately the Clomid didn’t work after using it for three months and we were back to the drawing board. I was then given an injectable stimulator, this was administered through my stomach and all that area was totally black and blue by the time we finished. But yet again it didn’t work.

The next step was a Laparoscopy procedure which found nothing significant wrong.

By this point I really felt like I would have sold my sole. I cried all the time and truly longed for a baby. I would dream about the day I would get two lines on a test, or when I could buy baby clothes and have a scan. I was doing this with all my friends and trying to be happy for them was impossible. My heart would literally break in two and I felt like I just wanted to run away.

My doctor then suggested that I have a HSG X-ray. At this point it had been 8 years since the start of my journey and I was totally fed up of doctors and procedures and I had decided that after the appointment regardless of the outcome I wasn’t going to keep trying. The doctor was really nice but said that the X-ray had found a pocket of fluid in my left ovary called a Hydrosalspinx. She said there was also scar tissue in my uterus. This meant that I had a higher chance of ectopic pregnancy but the scar tissue was also preventing implantation.

This was the time I started to look into other ways of help ranging from tarot readings to performing fertility spells and I even bought a fertility doll. I was desperate but then I discovered Reflexology from a small article in a newspaper, it was claiming that it could help encourage fertility and to de-stress and relax your body. I then started to read books about reflexology and even did a short course. From that I discovered a whole range of complementary therapies and learnt about healthier living.

2011 marked the 9th year of trying and I started having regular reflexology and I was advised to make some dietary changes. My Reflexologist started me out with some mini goals like getting my periods regulated and just trying to relax. Long Story short later that year I found out I was expecting and that I was having twins.

Since having my daughters I have gone on to get pregnant twice more, the last pregnancy only took 1 cycle and I was having regular reflexology up until deciding to come off my contraception. Unfortunately I lost both pregnancies due to finding out I produce pregnancy antibodies and we decided to end our journey.

This is why I’m passionate about helping women in the same situation as me. Please see my reflexology for infertility page to find out more on the benefits of this amazing alternative holistic therapy.


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